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The Vietnam Wall App was created to provide important information relevant to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Vietnam War.

Through this Support Page we hope to assist you in getting the most out of your new App.

vietnam wall app camera screen

Visitors to The Wall can use the "Camera" function to easily take pictures of names on The Wall and share them with family and friends.

To take a photo, simply center the name you wish to photograph between the green alignment brackets on the view screen, and press the green camera button at the bottom of the screen.

The preview image will appear in the lower half of the screen, and the live view will remain in the top half.

When you're happy with your photo, press the "Next" button, which appears at the bottom right of the screen after each picture is taken.

search page with keyboard

After selecting "Next," you'll be brought to the first search screen. There you'll see your photo in the top half of the screen, and just below, there will be three buttons.

The first, the "ABE" button, will add a gauzen blur above and below the name you've centered in the screen, and will help to feature the name.

The second button will save your photo to your iPhone's photo gallery.

The third button will insert your photo in an email, for easy sharing.


Under the heading, "Search Database for Details," is a box with two search fields- "Last Name," and "Panel Number".

If you're still standing in front of The Wall, this search screen will be the fastest way to find record information related to the name you've just photographed.

To begin this search, please enter the entire Last Name, as well as the Panel Number (It's located at the bottom of the stone Panel). You need only enter the number. There's no need to enter the "E" or "W" next to each number. Simply press the Search Icon (the magnifying glass) and a brief list of Matching Records will appear. The more common the Last Name, the more Matching Records you should see.

Each Matching Record will usually display the full name, the home town and state, the Panel Number with the corresponding "E" or "W", and the Line Number (e.g. [05E - 92]).

Simply touch the Record that best matches your search, and you'll be brought to a screen with additional information on the individual.

This information often includes the following:

Full Name
Date of Birth
Home Town
Home State
Marital Status
Service (Srvc) Branch
Date of Death
Age at Death
Panel on Wall
Line on Wall

If you see no Matching Records,
please check to make sure that you've done the following:

Input the Last Name, not the First.
Spelled the Last Name correctly.
Included the correct Panel Number.

If you still receive no Matching Records for this particular individual please contact us and we'll investigate further. You can contact us through our Comments/Suggestions screen.

Ultimately, this seach mechanism is very user-friendly, and allows you to find records by entering just a letter or two in the Last Name field- but be sure to also enter the Panel Number in the Pane Number box. This abbreviated method of searching may require less typing, but will likely return more Matches, requiring more scrolling to locate the actual record.

The basic rule is: The more information you type, the more precise your Matching Results, and visa versa.

Another Search Screen is also available for searches by Home Town or State, and is pictured below.

search screen  

The "Search" function brings you a step closer to those on The Wall by enabling you to access their US Military Records.

Simply input their last name, and your search begins. If there are others with the same last name, a list of full names will appear and you'll be prompted to select the one you're interested in seeing.

Depending on the accuracy of the Military Records, available information will often include:

Home of Record, Marital Status, Branch of Service, Rank, Unit, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Cause of Death, and the Panel and Line numbers indicating where to find their name on The Wall.

photo gallery thumbnails
The "Photo Gallery" gives you a pictorial glimpse into the day-to-day workings of the War in Vietnam. It features an extensive collection of Public Domain images of some of the events and people that shaped the War.
photo gallery thumbnails

"Music Links" offers an experience of the music that many of the American men and women may have listened to while "on tour" in Vietnam. The music was researched and selected to represent popular music from the years 1960 to 1975. Arranged chronologically, the collection of links provides a portal to music available on YouTube. While the music has been tested for compatibility with iPhones, the content is not owned or created by us, and may be removed by its owners at any time, resulting in the likelihood of changes. In the event that a music item becomes unavailable for viewing, we would appreciate your letting us know by reporting the inactive or missing link. Simply press and select the thumbnail image and follow the prompts. In this way, you'll be helping us to quickly replace or remove the appropriate link, and make the experience even better for the next person.


photo gallery thumbnails
Similarly, "Video Links" provides a collection of links to video resources chosen to give you yet another experience of the Vietnam Conflict. As with the music, we're providing the portal to items freely available on YouTube, and understand that videos may be changed or removed at any time by their owners. In the event of the removal of a video, please press and select the video thumbnail and follow the prompts to quickly and easily send us a report. This way we can replace the video link, or otherwise update our page, for the benefit of those that follow.
timeline screen

The "Timeline" offers a brief, chronological introduction to the War in Vietnam. It's pretty straight-forward. You can scroll though the Timeline, date-by-date, or can quick-jump to different sections by selecting from the dates at the bottom of the screen. Arrows also enable you to progress, panel-by-panel, forward or backward in time.


Please Share Your Ideas, Questions, Comments and Suggestions With Us - We're always looking for ways to improve your experience, and value your feedback. Such feedback helps us to provide a better tool for our community of users. Thank you.

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